Extreme gain of strenght and weight! YK11 + Ostarine MK2866

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Sarm YK11 contains 60 capsules. Each capsule contains 5mg of YK11 substance.

Sarm Ostarine MK 2866 contains 90 capsules. Each capsule contains 12mg of Ostarine MK 2866 substance.

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Product detailed description

Why package of YK11 and Ostarine? 

  • If you are a performance oriented type of person, along with urge for maximum size gains, in conjunction with Ostarine, which will also lead you towards greater regeneration, this is a package you are looking for.
  • YK11 is the most powerful Sarms if your main target is gaining muscle mass. In synergy with Ostarine, which provides the maximum capacity for regeneration of connective tissues, you don’t have to feel hindered by some effects of over training with heavy weights.
  • For most body types, we recommend to increase the caloric intake, especially from protein.


  • On theorethical base the dosage might look as following (Although don´t forget SARMs are intended for scientific and research purposes only!)
  • YK11
  • Men: Begin on 5mg a day and as you see results it can be increased up to 10mg or even 15mg a day. Split the dose, cover the daily intake. (Although don´t forget SARMs are intended only for scientific and research purposes!)
  • Don’t exceed 8 weeks of use.
  • Not for women.
  • Ostarine
  • Men 12-24mg daily (1-2 capsules)
  • Women same, except some of those who want to go easier, 1 capsule a day is enough (12mg)

Disclaimer: SARMs can be generally used for scientific purposes only, thus they are not a dietary supplement or medicine. All information provided on this website is taken from scientific studies and these are not meant as a guide, it only points to scientifically proven effects of these products. All texts act only on a hypothetical level. 

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